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i wish i had a little toilet and sink in the corner of my room so i wouldnt have to walk all the way to the bathroom

That’s a prison cell

In prison your food gets cooked for you as well. 

I’m beginning to think murdering people I don’t like wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

you do realize that there’s probably police officers on here, right?

oh no what are they going to do send me to prison?


A Rear View - MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat (Ps1)

might as well talk about a good giant robot  game.


so yeah. i didn’t like the MechAssault game for the DS all that much. i played this game before playing it though and it might have colored my impressions somewhat.

i don’t know much about the whole BattleTech series other than there was a shitty cartoon that i loved as a kid and that apparently both this series and MechAssault are spin-offs of BattleTech. perhaps i should look more into it.

anyway, this is a sim game but with giant robots that you use to fight other giant robots to the death. and unlike MechAssault for the DS, this game is stupidly good.

the difference? gameplay. the controls are almost identical (you use the the D-pad to look around and the action buttons to move around while the shoulder buttons are used for combat), but here you can do different kinds of damage to enemy mechs, namely in that you can shoot off other mechs’ legs or arms which can render them immobile or defenseless. the same can also happen to you. there’s actual strategy to the combat.

you also get to choose from a variety of mechs though some are restricted based on what your mission you’re on for some reason and you can even customize how the mech’s weapons operate. basically, you can set up combos such two laser guns and a machine gun or missiles only or whatever other options are available.

the music is also amazing all the way through, being a mix of rock and electronic music. it’s pretty rad.

the only real downside is the graphics. they’re what you think of when you think of Ps1-era graphics. maybe worse. the mechs more or less exist as just basic models and the environments are even worse.

but! if you can get past that the game is uperfun all around. i’d recommend it.

A Rear View - MechAssault: Phantom War (DS)

giant robots, but fun-sized.

well, “fun” is a bit of a stretch. i liked the MechAssault games from the Xbox days. they were a couple of simple but fun games where you piloted a giant robot and fought other giant robots. the multiplayer was also awesome and the 1st MechAssault was one of the few games where i dug the multiplayer at all.

i found out recently that they apparently made one for the DS which sounds awesome! turns out though that it’s not so awesome. 

it’s not a bad game, but i wouldn’t call it a good one either.

graphically, it looks like a scaled down Ps2 game. the mechs themselves look fine for a DS game, but the environments are pretty barren which in and of itself is fine, i guess, but it leaves a lot to the imagination.

the controls have alot in common with MechWarrior 2 (another game i’ve been playing recently but in random spurts) which is a sim game. you use the D-pad to move around and the action buttons to actually move. it’s not a bad set up, but it takes a little getting used to. luckily MW2 set me up for that. i have no problems with the controls.

what i do have a problem is the actual gameplay. there’s no strategy to it at all. because the levels are so barren you have no cover and every enemy’s weapons lock on to you so you’re going to get hit. a lot. your only strategy is to use your strongest weapon and spam it until your opponent dies then nab the health item it drops. speaking of which, most of the weapons you can use are practically worthless. only the charge cannon-thing does any serious or useful damage, but not every mech is equipped with it so good luck.

it makes the game tedious to play through. alot of it feels trial & error and defeating enemies feels like just straight-up luck more often than not.

so yeah. it’s kinda disappointing. oh well.


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